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Learn to play Reflections on piano yourself

To celebrate the release of Reflections (Ambient Reprise) and to show our thanks and appreciation to you all for your support, we wanted to share with you a video tutorial showing you how to play Reflections on piano as well as the sheet music to download and learn for free.

Whether you’re pretty good on the keys or just starting out, we hope that by sharing these materials with you you’ll enjoy connecting with the song in a more intimate and personal way.

We’d love to see you play. If you’re up to it, go ahead and share a post of you playing the song. Tag @archaellummusic and we’ll be sure to share it on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms.

Who knows, we might just pick one we like offer you a private call on our Discord to chat about Reflections and music in general.

About the song

Introduced to the world as the opener to Lane 8’s Sunrise Set in September 2020, Reflections was our debut release on This Never Happened. It has been acclaimed and recognized by many for its minimalist piano melody and uplifting groove.

A year on from its first appearance on Grand Lake, Reflections is back with an Ambient Reprise Version. This version is without the percussion and progressive elements, offering a calming listening experience (ideal for reading and studying).

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