The Monstercat Silk label welcomed us into their global family in late August 2021 with the release of the single 'Threads'. Inspired by the resilience that we as a community demonstrate when faced with natural calamaties, Threads is an uplifting tune with melancholic under currents, making for an overall optimistic but grounded sentiment. Threads' release was featured on Dancing Astro's Zenith podcast and landed us on the cover of Spotify Russia's editorial.

Record Details


Record Label:

Monstercat Silk

Release Date:

August, 27 2021




After the typhoon had come and gone, it left behind a city with streets scattered with debris. Sunken roads and uprooted trees; powerlines dragged along the ground while roofs caved in along the beachfront.

Stepping out from barricaded doors expecting to find devastation, instead what I saw was resilience. Without hesitation, everybody went right to mending the wreckage.

Like sown torn seams we weave together as threads do; pulled together and made whole.

‘Threads’, inspired by this realization, was written and recorded in Vietnam, November 2020; and released on Monstercat Silk in August 2021.

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