Introduced to the world in the opening scenes of Lane 8's Sunrise Set, Reflections was our debut on This Never Happened. Released in February 2021 (and the Ambient Reprise in September 2021), Reflections is acclaimed for its gentle piano melodies and organic textures. Dancing Astro called it: "One slice of melodic house grandeur after the next". The EP was also spotted on BBC Radio 1's Chillest Show curated by Sian Eleri and also featured in Marsh's Twitch livestream.

Record Details


Record Label:

This Never Happened

Release Date:

February, 4 2021



Ambient Release:

September, 7 2021


We were brought together organically through our social networks back in early 2020. This was during the time when nationwide lockdowns were starting to happen around the world as people came to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hexlogic was in Ukraine at the time and Felt Habit was in Vietnam when they began exchanging ideas. One of these was a piano recording Felt Habit posted (on his birthday actually).

After the piece had been finished, the question became: where would it find a home? With some time passed it fortunately found it’s place with This Never Happened.

The first ‘send’

The track titled ‘Reflections’ was followed by two others first ‘Deluge’ and ‘Last Glow’ making it a three-track EP. With 2020 being a jam-filled year for the label, Reflections’ release had to be held out for a while.

Then, in early September, we woke up one morning to hear it being played as the opener in Lane 8’s Sunrise Set. What followed were weeks turned to months of anticipation as the TNH community asking us, hoping, when it would be released.

Finally, the moment arrived. A prime window for release opened in February 2021. The response was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging acceptance of our debut to the music world.

The EP would go on to be featured on BBC Radio 1’s Chillest Show hosted by Sian Eleri and also made its way in Marsh’s Twitch livestream, Cornelius Anjunadeep Explorations set and Andromeda’s set with Colorize.

The album cover

Reflections’ album art shows a sunflower frozen in a block of ice.

Sunflower’s are known for following the sun during the day in order to gain nutrients.

Stuck in ice (while known to be a preservative force) still prevents the natural inclination to do and be what its meant to.

“That first song from Lane 8’s sunrise set”

At sunrise on September 6, 2020, Lane 8 recorded a set from a small boat, alone, in the middle of the Grand Lake in Colorado. This was during the peak of the corona virus pandemic, millions around the world were coming to grips with a world of enforced self-isolation, bound to their homes unable to venture out into the world.

For everybody who tuned in and the millions more who would later streamit, the sunrise set is a call to re-awaken the senses. The picturesque setting and the progression of melodic sounds set the tone for, well the immaculate lineup of music that was to be released by the label in coming months, but, more significantly, gave many a sense of optimisim in an otherwise dreary set of circumstances.

It’s no wonder the stream grows in views every day.

Learn to play Reflections on piano yourself

To celebrate the release of Reflections (Ambient Reprise) and to show our thanks and appreciation to you all for your support, we wanted to share with you a video tutorial showing you how to play Reflections on piano as well as the sheet music to download and learn for free.

We’d love to see you play. If you’re up to it, go ahead and share a post of you playing the song. Tag @archaellummusic and we’ll be sure to share it on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms.

Who knows, we might just pick one we like offer you a private call on our Discord to chat about Reflections and music in general.

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