Here She Comes Remix

It's our darker take of Jackarta's single released together on Songspire Records in June 2021. A first for us on the Amsterdam based record label (acclaimed stewards for the melodic music community globally), it was also our first remix work done together. We're really pleased to have been invited on this project with our friends Jackarta, and to Marsh for his support of the release on his Twitch Livestream.

Record Details

Jackarta, Archaellum

Record Label:

Songspire, Amsterdam

Release Date:

June, 11 2021


Single, Remix


We were invited to work on a remix for Jackarta’s single called ‘Here She Comes’. Listening to the original gave us plenty of ideas to work from.

Inspired by the orchestral mid-section in the break and the uplifting final drop; we started by finding piano keys that would compliment the original mix whilst adding that melancholic Archaellum touch.

Repurposing the vocals as recurring stabs throughout the mix gave its nostalgic atmosphere. Lastly, our growling, elongated basslines contrast with the more energetic feel of the original but makes our remix a fitting counterpart.

Feature: Marsh & Cats

The remix was played by Marsh on his twitch profile on release day: 11 June 2021.

Thanks to Marsh for supporting our music. Subscribe to his channel here:

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