Go Nowhere

After a turbulent and distressing year since the onset of Ukraine's invasion, we were able to return to our music. The result was Go Nowhere and it's our first collaboration with a female vocalist, the very talented Annastacia Boudwin. We connected with Anna online and quickly found synergy with her voice. The song is a declaration of love between two, drawn closer together by overcoming challenges. Go Nowhere released with This Never Happened on March 2023 and its remix in August.

Record Details

Archaellum, Annastacia Boudwin

Record Label:

This Never Happened

Release Date:

March, 16 2023




I close my eyes
Drift away beyond
We laid every stone
To get us where we are
So close so far
Dreams hid away inside
Is this who we are
Why do I feel lucky

Go nowhere, where, where
Go nowhere

I try my best
And you just let me in
Sweet home at last
And no more wondering
I always knew it would be
Just so safe with you and me
Oh, why do I feel lucky

Go nowhere, where, where
Go nowhere

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